Our passion for beautiful, thoughtful design, providing innovative solutions, and our exceptional knowledge of sustainable practices gives us and our clients a competitive edge on every project.

We believe that utilizing a philosophy of sustainability as the foundation for the creative process leads to a higher level of design yielding a reduced environmental footprint and healthier building experience. Our vision of Sustainability embraces a wide range of design strategies including optimizing the building orientation and envelope design to reduce heat gain while enabling access to natural daylight; improving air quality through use of low-emitting materials and increased air filtration; and incorporation of water-conserving plumbing fixtures and high efficiency mechanical systems that most facility managers can operate without specialized training.

Our expertise in this realm enables us to deliver high-performance buildings that not only minimize the impact on our environment but provide for a sustainable future to our clients. This approach leads to significant returns on investment both financially and from nontangible human experience perspective.

Hastings' leadership in Sustainable Design is best illustrated by the following statistics:

Over 75% of our design staff have voluntarily obtained the LEED Accredited Professional credential.  Each are knowledgeable in green building practices and the certification process, and continue to stay actively involved in the ever-changing green building industry.